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For several years now, on the first week of December, the annual Chorizo Festival takes place in 'Chorizo Town' (Cojutepeque). This celebration is held downtown and includes traditional folk dances and local bands, where señoritas show off their dancing skills. For two full days, this celebration draws thousands of locals and tourists to enjoy the festivity and food.

Anchorman:  The Capital of Embutidos celebrated the Chorizo Festival. Tele 2 News were there to show you how it went.  (Playing song: 'Adentro Cojutepeque')

Reporter:  We traveled to Cojutepeque, situated 34 kms. east of San Salvador, were, once again, the Chorizo Festival is being celebrated.

Vendor #1:  We have Butifarras, the most famous; Salchichon, 3 different kinds: the one with jalapeño, with capers and the traditional. Pork chorizo, beef chorizo and longaniza.

Reporter:  Many tourists came to enjoy the Embutidos and other traditional food with chorizo.

Visitor #1:  We came to buy Salchichon, Chorizo, Butifarras. That's what we came for.

Visitor #2:  They are delicious. We enjoy our traditional food. Always, at the Festival, we feast on Chorizo because it's our tradition.

Reporter:  Beside the traditional food, a vendor prepared soup and rice with Chorizo, and shared her recipe.

Vendor #2:  The soup is made with Chorizo, herbs, eggs, onion and other secret ingredients.

Festival Assistant:  You can see the success of the Festival. Cojutepeque is full of  joy and full of flavor. There are many vendors offering different traditional plates; around 30 vendors.

Reporter:  Every first weekend of December, the Chorizo Festival is celebrated in Cojutepeque. Tele 2 News.